Friday, December 2, 2011

pequi oil treatment review

Since all my make-up was stolen from a hotel in New Orleans a few weeks ago, I've placed about 4 million Sephora orders and completely took advantage of that 15% off sale. I replaced everything I used as part of my regular routine and also ordered a lot of new products I've never tried so I have a ton of reviews coming for those interested. I like to use a product for at least a week or two before I decide anything about it, so bear with me while I work my way through all these new beauty purchases. 
First up is this Couture Color Pequi Oil. I picked this up because the online reviews were insane, I've never seen a product get such fantastic reviews across the board. Sephora even featured it as their "Today's Obsession." I'm convinced this stuff is going to the next Moroccan oil. It's a a little bit less expensive at $32 and I like it so much more. I've been using it before I blow-dry and a bit after styling to tame flyaways and it's been great. My hair is significantly smoother and shinier - plus it smells a lot better than Moroccan oil, like peppermint. I'd recommend this for anyone, especially those with dry or color-treated hair!

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