Friday, January 20, 2012

my first mac purchase: studio sculpt foundation

 Did you have to read that post title twice? Yes, I really did make my very first MAC purchase yesterday. Shocking, I know! I'm a woman who genuinely enjoys trying out new products, speaking to make-up artists and sales associates, and playing the field when it comes to various brands. But up until this point, I've avoided MAC entirely simply because I find their collections exhaustingly extensive and overwhelming. 

I got the wild hare to try out their foundation yesterday and had to spend 45 minutes (not kidding) at the counter learning about the finish/coverage/weight of each one and being matched (unsurprisingly, I am the very lightest shade they carry! Ha!). I left with their Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in NC15:
First off, I don't love SPF in my foundation. Yes, I am a huge sunscreen junkie because of my incredibly fair skin (seriously, SPF 85 reapplied every hour when I'm outdoors) but I wear powder with SPF 15 every day so to have sun protection in my foundation (which I feel negatively affects the formula and finish) is unnecessary. Does anyone else notice that foundations without SPF lay much nicer on your skin?

But moving on, I'm just not in love with this product. I know it's not much fun to read negative reviews and perhaps even less so to read a lukewarm one but I've gotta be honest, in my opinion, this foundation is just okay. I tried all but one of MAC's options when I was at the counter, so even though this one was the most ideal, it just doesn't float my boat (and I certainly won't be re-purchasing if I finish off the tube). I feel like the coverage was what I was after- to even out my skin tone and hide any small blemishes I wouldn't consider severe enough for concealer, but even with just a light, even sweep to address those issues, it looked too heavy and unnatural. 

I've never been one to wear a lot of make-up. Sure, I own a ton of products but on any given day, my routine is actually fairly understated. Not because I'm afraid to take risks, but because I want my face to look beautiful, not made up or dramatic. I purchase cosmetics to emphasize the beauty and downplay the blemishes I already have, not apply a mask I think is prettier. I'm not saying every product MAC has out aims to do this (obviously I wouldn't know!) or that everyone who wears MAC has these intentions but the overall impression I've had for years now (and that was just confirmed with my visit to MAC yesterday) is that it's quite simply just too much. 

Am I completely alone on this?


  1. Get Mac Studio Fix, it's more natural coverage than sculpt but it still is heavy enough that it will even out your skin tone and cover up blemishes. The consistency is not as thick as sculpt and you can buy a pump with it and use a sponge or Sephora's airbrush foundation brush might make it look more flawless. Hope that helps!

  2. Definitely agree with you on the SPF AND the lukewarm feelings towards your MAC foundation. I prefer MAC for their embellishments - pops of lip color, eye shadow, and blush. I trust my foundation and skin products to Clinique, Lancome and Bare Escentuals.

  3. I loooove most Mac products, specifically lip gloss and eye shadow. Both have great staying power for me during the work day! I also love trying new products and rarely buy the same thing twice. But the older I get, I realize I need to buy what really works for me and not what's fun! I have really, really oily skin, so I have to be particularly careful about foundation and power. I got the MAC minerals line because I'd read it was much lighter coverage and oh my goodness... it took about 2 minutes after applying the foundation and powder to look completely soaked in oil. It was awful!! At any rate, I think MAC is lots of fun for colors and switching out eye shadows and lipsticks as much as you please. I even like their blush pretty well, but for face makeup I am strictly a Lancome girl. (I'm currently using Bobbi Brown and having that same greasy problem!) Don't write MAC off completely, but I definitely wouldn't be using their foundation or powder any time soon!

  4. I love MAC! A lot of their products are made for stage/photography, so I can understand why you feel that way though. Definitely try the StudioFix powder foundation. The Mineralize is also nice for a light, even coverage. Also they take things back and exchange them very willingly, so if you don't love it take it back!


  5. I feel the same way, yet I keep on using it (why?!). I really need to just try a new one, there really isn't an excuse:) I have heard Lancome is fabulous from a friend, so that might be my next experimental foundation.

  6. I like MAC for certain items like my brow pencil and bronzer, but I too find some of their products to be too much for me. I'm a huge fan of Bobbi Brown, she does natural perfectly and has lots of items for a little pop too.