Wednesday, February 22, 2012

february beauty buys

First up in my list of recent beauty acquisitions is this Bath & Body Works/C.O. Bigelow Mentha Supreme Lip Shine. It has "twice the moisturizers... twice the breath fresheners" as the original and I am loving it! Great (dare I say- lasting) tingly feeling and no-fuss, easy shine. Go pick up a tube!

Ok, next was this super funky (not in a good way) nude nail polish by Julep. I truly do love the color, but Julep's formula has got to be the worst I have ever tried. Really, truly, honestly it's awful. The stuff is so thick that I feel like I'm spreading jelly on toast (and before you say it's a fluke- I've bought multiples bottle, months apart, from Julep's own site, all with consistent findings) and boy are they proud of it- something like $14 for a tiny, poorly-designed bottle. The stuff is so bad that I now instantly question any blogger/youtube guru who endorses it. Anyways, that's my two cents.

So, since I was craving a nude polish and that Julep one clearly didn't float my boat- I checked Walgreens and found this Essie shade, Sand Tropez, that absolutely fit the bill. Love it!  

Next up are these two lipsticks from the Kate Moss for Rimmel London collection. #14 is a gorgeous nude and #04 is definitely the wild card of the bunch. It's a deep purple and while it certainly makes a statement, I've actually found it pretty easy to wear. If you see a shade in this collection that strikes your fancy, I'd recommend picking it up. They're very moisturizing and lasting.

Lastly, is La Praire Midnight Rain. I posted this photo to Instagram and got a few comments from girls that loved the bottle but frankly- it's the only thing I don't like about this product. I think the packaging (especially with the top on- that I've since thrown away) looks like a trashy bottle of tanning lotion. I mean black with suspended silver glitter?? Is it really just me? Anyways, the fragrance is wonderful and makes up for every bit of it's atrocious packaging. 

Any beauty buys you've made lately you'd recommend? Or caution against? Let me know, I love to hear what y'all are trying!


  1. if you're still in the market for a great nude polish, i just picked up Revlon's Grey Suede this weekend. such a surprise, as I haven't owned revlon polish in a while, but it's the perfect shade of pale nude with just a hint sparkle. even saying sparkle is to strong...maybe iridescence? i dunno, but i love it!!

    also, I just bought La Mer's lip balm. outrageous at $50 a pot, BUT when you order, they give you two free samples. PLUS with the promo code "power" you get a .24 ounce jar of the cream de la mer product, which starts at $150 for an ounce. so for $50, i get lip balm, almost half an ounce of the cream, and a sample of something else (i forget what), so for me, that makes sense. i dunno. i'm also irresponsible with my money, so you probably shouldn't take advice from me.


  2. Loved this post! and your nails look fab ;) xo

  3. I'm not surprised that the Julep formula of this shade turned you off, but I AM surprised that it's happened to you so often! I have probably ten Julep polishes and have only found one with a bad formula! It was also a creme (Blake - YUCK!)...

    My favorites are 'January' and 'Toni' both great consistency. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience!

  4. Sand Tropez is my favorite nude shade! I love it!