Sunday, August 12, 2012

bits & pieces

Here are some shots from things and places that made me smile this past week in Kansas City:

 blanc burgers + bottles is always a must for a trip to KC. My favorite is the black bean burger and white truffle fries but nearly everything on the menu is delicious. 

Balsano's Gelato at Power and Light always has great, fresh flavors. I usually sample 2 or 3 yet always end up with banana.

I had one of the best pomegranate margaritas of my life at Bar Louie.

 Succotash is probably my favorite Kansas City spot. The brunch is always stellar and the decor, staff, and menu items are truly unique. My kryptonite is their "Little Richard", a cold Mexican coke and shot of espresso.

I was recently introduced to the most amazing party supply store on the planet: US Toy. This particular aisle of rainbow paper products just about made my heart stop!

Is there anything cuter than a sprinkle-rimmed cocktail? Just swirl in whipped cream, dip in sprinkles and enjoy!

Another new favorite in the Kansas City area is Natasha's Mulberry and Mott. It's seriously charming (clearly modeled after Ladurée) and the treats are fantastic. I had a mango macaron sandwich and the guy had a caramel and chocolate chip cookie.

And the best for last, these new OPI lacquers just arrived, this collection inspired by Germany. Post with swatches to come!

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  1. Um, Succotash sounds AMAZING!! Glad you had a great trip :)