Friday, October 12, 2012

23madisonstudio etsy

Happy Friday lovelies! Dropping in today to share some cute goodies from a new-to-me Etsy illustration shop, 23madisonstudio.

These cuties are the Chanel Nail Polish Gift Tags ($6). They also come in sticker and folded note card form, which is pretty ingenious if you ask me, since I now have a strong desire to attach one of these to anything that doesn't move. 

The Celine Bag Note Card with Envelope ($4.50) is a teensy folded card with envelope. The Celine text font and spacing isn't quite right on the envelope, so I'll probably end up punching this and topping a gift bag with it, sans envelope.

And last but not least, I couldn't resist this set of 10 Chanel no.5 Gift Tags ($4).

These little treats were all carefully packaged + arrived exactly one week after I placed my order (pretty swell for Etsy).

Shall I pretend, since it's October, that I'm not already imagining these on Christmas gifts?

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  1. Good Lord, how cute is that shop??! I love it all, and just may need to purchase some gift tags. And Leila (who is crazily fashion-obsessed at only five) would go nuts for the stickers!