Monday, October 29, 2012

opi skyfall collection

As promised, I'm back with swatches of the new OPI Holiday Skyfall Collection!
Tomorrow Never Dies is a blue-toned purple shimmer:
Love this shade! Last year I was all about iridescent blue and this year it's all about purple in my book.

Skyfall is a dark maroon creme: 
This is a great basic to have for Fall if you don't already own one similar. Plus, this one in particular is very easy to apply (hard to come by with such a dark color).

The Spy Who Loved Me is a vibrant red shimmer:
This is the lighter, more vibrant cousin of one of my favorite winter shades, An Affair In Red Square.

Moonraker is a silver-gray frost:
This one's formula is a little finicky (common with metallics) so it takes one more coat to look right, but the end result is gorgeous.

The World Is Not Enough is a brown-rose shimmer:
I hated I couldn't get this one to photograph properly. Truly, this shot doesn't do the shade any justice. This one will certainly be a favorite of mine this season!

Live and Let Die is a dark, forest green with gold and green shimmer:
This one had me instantly intrigued. The darkest green I've ever donned is Jade is the New Black (a far cry from this vampy forest green). I certainly don't hate it- but jury's still out on whether I can pull this off.

Die Another Day is a shimmery orangey-red:
Usually I run for the hills when it comes to orange but this shade has just enough red to work for me. Digging it!

The Living Daylights is silver, blue, and copper hexagonal glitter in a clear base:
This colors of this glitter are so unexpected! I love the shades for Fall.

Casino Royale is a plum creme:
Another great basic for Fall and winter. I don't think I'll ever swatch a creme plum I don't instantly love!

You Only Live Twice is bright magenta with fuchsia and gold shimmer:
Adore this one. Reminds me a lot of Meep Meep Meep from the Muppets Collection (one I wear all the time).

Goldeneye is a yellow gold glitter:
Another one that, unfortunately, I couldn't get to photograph quite right. It's so lovely in person (and not quite so yellow).

And lastly, On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a gray-blue with purple and green shimmer:
This polish is definitely the most complex of the bunch. It will change dramatically depending on the lighting and angle of your hand. Keeps me guessing!

What is y'alls favorite? If I had to choose, I'd say The World is Not Enough.. or Tomorrow Never Dies.

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  1. the live and let die is a must have for the holiday season! so pretty! thanks for the review!