Thursday, January 3, 2013

nicole by opi x modern family

Happy (belated) New Year's! I hope y'all had a safe and happy holiday. I'm popping my head in this afternoon with swatches of the Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection! Here goes:

A Like-Haley Story... is a fun, bright fuchsia with a hint of gold/pink sparkle. I'm wearing this one now with a gold glitter on top and I'm loving it!

Stand By Your Manny is a lilac/blue shimmer. This one's formula needs 3 coats to be completely even, but it's so gorgeous if you're a little patient!

A Phil's Paradise is unlike any other color I own. It's a pewter shimmer that builds really nicely and changes slightly depending on the light.

Alex By the Books is a creamy mint. This one is more sea foam than my go-to pastel green (Gargantuan Green Grape) and I'm smitten with it.

Am I Making Myself Claire? is the perfect neutral. This one should be in everyone's collection.

Back In My Gloria Days... is a bright violet shimmer. While vibrant, it appeared slightly less iridescent on my nails than it did in the bottle (or perhaps it's just me?).

Basking In Gloria is the shade that most surprised me. This red-violet shimmer doesn't go on as mature as it looks in the bottle (I was thinking old lady) and has a really pretty jelly finish.

Candid Cameron is a teal shimmer and hands down my favorite from the collection. How could you not love it?

Haley Good Lookin'... (shown over Am I Making Myself Claire?) is a baby pink glitter. It's not incredibly unique but a great option if you don't already have a pink glitter to your name.

I Do De-Claire! is a light pink frost. I don't like these types of polishes usually, but with my nails so short, it doesn't irk me near as much. Just my personal opinion.

Luke of the Draw is a black jelly base with all sizes of silver glitter. I have another similar to this and love them both! I hope OPI makes more color-based glitter polishes in the future, in my opinion, you get more depth than with simply a topcoat.

My Jay Or the Highway! is a taupe/nude cream. Unfortunately it photographed much more green than it truly is.

She's Lily Something (shown over A Like-Haley Story) is a star glitter in a shimmer base. I wasn't a huge fan of this one- I had to fish for each star and the finished product just didn't do it for me.

 What's the Mitch-Uation is another favorite from the collection (can you tell I'm digging iridescence?). It's a deep blue/purple that almost glows in any light.

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