Sunday, April 20, 2014

recent beauty favorites

lately I've had awesome luck happening upon affordable beauty products I love. here's the roundup of the best of the best I had to share:

1 | korres brightening sleeping facial: I've been using this treatment overnight weekly and loving it's moisturizing benefits and melt-into-your skin texture
2 | marvis jasmine mint toothpaste: I bought this flavor after finishing up my sample sized marvis' cinnamint (c.o. bigelow sent with an order of mine). I love this flavor even more- so refreshing
3 | klorane leave-in magnolia spray: this was an impulse buy from urban outfitters of all places, mostly (ok, entirely) because of it's magnolia scent. bonus, not only does it pay tribute to my mississippi roots, it's also a great product for shine and detangling, especially after heat styling

 these are the products I picked up during the sephora sale with my upcoming beach trip in mind:
1 | D&G l'imperatrice 3: the packaging of this scent reminded me of an old marc jacobs eau de toilette (anyone remember rain?) that's long since been discontinued, but prompted to me to pick up this bottle and give it a whiff. one sniff and into my basket it went (literally). I truly don't know how to describe this one, only to say that's its floral and musky in all the right ways
2 | josie maran lip and cheek oil in boundless berry: I'm a longtime fan of josie maran products and this gorgeous flush of color is one I just couldn't walk away from. I still prefer my tried and true benefit benetint for cheek stain but this one is perfect for lips
3 | md solar sciences spf 50 sunscreen: I'm always looking for new physical barrier sun protection products (sunblocks that utilize chemical barriers leave my face stinging and raw) and this one has certainly proved worthy. light, quick-absorbing, and a nonirritating scent- what more can you ask for?
4 | lavanila deodorant in vanilla summer: I love this brand's product but out of their collection could only ever stand one scent- pure vanilla. I'm pleased as punch they've finally released another scent I enjoy- vanilla summer. If you're wanting an effective, aluminum-free deodorant, definitely give this one a shot

Anything you're loving lately?

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  1. ok i'm totally trying that magnolia spray, you also got me (and jason) hooked on that first aid beauty repair cream and i've also been obsessed with 100% pure's argan oil, for hair and body... it's so good!