Wednesday, December 14, 2011

last minute gifts: teleflora

I have a confession to make, I've done little to alright, none of my Christmas shopping. This is coming from the girl that ordered her personalized Valentine's Day cards with her Christmas card order last year. I'm that girl, totally on top of it. At least I was! This year I'm scrambling to get everyone on my list checked off and still be thoughtful of each recipient so I thought I'd share a few great gift ideas over the next couple of days that are lovely, but procrastinator friendly as well.

First up are fresh flowers, which is my favorite thing to send last minute. Everyone is so bombarded with sweets during the holidays that they'll definitely appreciate a beautiful arrangement more. A great source for flowers is Teleflora, where each of the pictured arrangements are from (if you can't tell, I like to see exactly what I'm getting!). I just picked my favorite holiday ones but they have tons for every occasion and deliver same-day. And that wreath- isn't it gorgeous? Someone sent us one last week and I thought it was the perfect festive gift!
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Have you ever sent flowers as holiday gifts? I wish I could trade in all the gift baskets and hams we've been receiving for some floral arrangements!

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