Tuesday, December 13, 2011

loafer love

 Loafers are my new addiction it seems! I started off with the Steve Madden leopard pair (that I'm not going to share here because they've been blogged to death about) and recently I've added three more pairs to my wardrobe I thought I'd share my two cents on.
 Next to the leopard, these suede blue babies are my favorite. I snagged them (and the next pair, in black) last week when they were part of Endless.com's holiday daily deal, for 40% off. Did anyone else shop any of those 12 days of holiday specials? It's kind of hit and miss each day but there were a few brands that were worth checking out (Gorjana, Jessica Simpson, Rebecca Minkoff, ect.). The day after I bought these loafers I also ordered these Kate Spade glitter pumps for 40% off as well- score!
 This same shoe in black while certainly not very exciting, was just too versatile and sweetly priced to pass up. I'm desperate to find a way to monogram this pair- but was told by my go-to alterations girl that it was impossible. Any suggestions?
Dollhouse Loafer Flat ($24)
This pair of glitter loafers I saw on Endless when I was buying the others and decided to go for them because of the outrageously low price and the fact that my size were the only ones left (doesn't that always make you feel like it's fate?). I like the lower, more feminine cut but one shoe cuts straight across my foot while the material on the other is slanted- it's not very noticeable at all but still irks me a bit. The texture is rough and it's clear there's no protective layer over the glitter but to my surprise, it's stayed on very well (didn't notice any on pant legs or feet after the first wear).

Also, please excuse that funky rug. I didn't realize how urgently I need to get in there and vacuum until I saw these photos- ice!

Have you seen these snakeskin ones by Old Navy? I've just seen them online but I'm impressed! Anyone have any feedback on their fit for shoes?
Old Navy Faux-Snakeskin Flats ($30) - 30% off with code 'HOLIDAY' today only

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  1. I love them too! They remind me of Bridget Bardot! I just can't get away from my pointy-toe flats to try them.