Monday, December 5, 2011

midday mani

Hi girls! Thought I'd drop in during lunch and share the details of the manicure I gave myself last night. 

I used Essie's Raise Awareness- which is their Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Color as well as Sally Hansen's Nail Effects in Glitz Blitz. I've seen a ton of these ring finger glitter manis where girls use loose glitter to cover their nail, which looks almost identical to the look you get using these strips (which in my opinion are a thousand times easier- and less messy).

I'm sure many of you have applied these before but if you haven't, you simply peel off the plastic backing they come with, apply to your clean nails, and trim the excess off. I actually wear my nails so short that I can easily use one strip for two nails.

What color are your nails these days?


  1. love, love this idea! so festive. i want to try this for NYE!


    p.s. so glad you're back!

  2. LOVE this! So pretty!

    Come visit me sometime:)
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    whatever, trevor blog
    *I've posted about you on this one*

  3. In Italy this doesn't exist! that's such a pity! it's genius!
    love it!

  4. alright, that's smart!! i have the very same nail stickers and surely a pink polish that will do just fine. i'm with you though, the glitter nail is so high maintenance, and though i'm totally okay with it, i'm not okay that for the work i put in, the length of the wear. for me the glitter starts to chip off within a day. not cool, man. not cool.