Friday, December 2, 2011

nails inc. polishes

 Have you guys heard of Nails Inc.? They're a London based nail lacquer company that recently became available at my favorite U.S. store- Sephora! They have an amazing array of colors available online but I wanted to share these 5 that I've been using lately and loving.
 This glitter polish is called Electric Avenue (how cute is that name?). I put it on over one of my classic reds before swatching it and realizing you can definitely wear this on its own. It's got a ton of fine glitter that will completely cover your nail- no base color needed.
 Foubert's Place is a gorgeous olive that will be perfect for Fall.
 Victoria looks like a deep purple in the bottle but when applied is actually a dark wine color, probably my favorite shade for this season!
 Wellington Square is a lighter, more summery polish so I'm wearing it while I can. I was surprised how good it looks against my pale skin, most peaches are a no-no for me.
Piccadilly Circus is a universally-flattering, classic raspberry.

Have you tried any Nails Inc. polishes or seen them in Sephora stores? I'm so excited they've added this brand! These are some of the most long-wearing and chip resistant lacquers I've used.

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