Sunday, December 18, 2011

nicole by opi kardashian kolors collection pt. 1

I'm so excited to share swatches for the Nicole by OPI Kardashian Collection with y'all today! I've never been so crazy about so many polishes in one collection, I seriously love every single one. It's quite extensive, with 14 shades, so I've broken them up into two posts. Today I'll share the creme shades (glitter tomorrow!) starting with the darker lacquers of the bunch:
left to right: My Empire... My Rules, Hard-Kourt Fashionista, Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam

Are these not so perfect for this time of year? I love inky, moody shades but often find that so many are so dark and unidimensional they just look like black but these are all stand out beautifully. Also, maybe I'm just behind but these brushes are a good bit larger than the Nicole by OPI brushes I already own, I'm not sure when they changed them (I don't see anything on these bottles about it) but I love the new ones. They make it a thousand times to easier to coat your entire nail with polish and avoid those weird ridges where the lacquer wasn't applied evenly.

My Empire... My Rules was the first shade I applied. Inside, it's a creamy mushroom taupe with green undertones but in sunlight, the green is less prominent and it looks like a gray. Either way, it's such a gorgeous and unique tone.

I'm quite honestly obsessed with this one, Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam. I'm wearing it now and it's definitely my favorite from the entire collection, and possibly my favorite ever (I know, that's a big commitment). It's a rich teal and the saturation is so intense it looks even and flawless with just one coat. 

I squealed when I first saw Hard-Kourt Fashionista. Russet is my favorite color to don in winter but I've had such a hard time finding lacquers that were the reddish brown shade I was looking for (not not a super creamy maroon). This one is perfect, the formula (like in all the polishes in this collection) is great too. It's smoothly-flowing, self-leveling, and super glossy.

And now for the lighter shades!
left to right: Kourt is Red-y For a Pedi, Sealed With a Kris, All Kendall-ed Up

Kourt Is Red-y For a Pedi is a super glossy tomato red with a jelly-like formula. It went on super easy and only required two coats, unlike a lot of other vibrant red jelly polishes I love (I'm looking at you Essie Jelly Apple). 

 Sealed With a Kris goes on much lighter than I thought it would looking at the bottle. It's a blue-based claret shade with just the slightest hint of burgundy in some lights. It's a great take on a classic red.

 All Kendall-ed Up is a highly-pigmented bubblegum pink. I have it on my toes now and love it!

Okay, I have to say, these 6 polishes are seriously outstanding. I saw swatches for all of these online back in early November but I still blown away when I started using my own. The brush, formula, and the gorgeous hues are all top-notch. It's so rare that I like every polish in a collection, much less deem them new favorites like I do with every single one of these. I'd definitely recommend any of them! Also, I've heard a lot of girls having trouble finding them, try Ulta!

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