Sunday, December 18, 2011

stephanie johnson f&f extended - 40% off

I didn't plan on posting more about my new Stephanie Johnson bags until next week but I just saw that they extended their friends and family sale (40% off with code 'sjfriends') through this weekend so there's still a few hours left!  Here are some quick shots of mine in case you've had your eye on any of them:

Katie Folding Clutch - This bag is arguably the most versatile bag from the entire SJ collection. It's certainly lovely enough to be carried as a clutch but also doubles as a cosmetic bag! 

 I used it recently to stash my bare-minimum make-up products for a quick overnight trip.

 Gidget Compact Brush Case - I'm so crazy about this bag. The pattern (Cannes) is adorable and the tassels absolutely delight me.

 Seriously, how cute?!

Here's a shot of the inside, it's described as a brush case but it can hold a lot more and still stay slim. It's the perfect size to pack necessities in for your carry-on when flying.

This jewelry roll is one of my favorites from my collection of SJ bags, and apparently a best seller since I don't see it on their site anymore. Here's a snap of the inside, hopefully it comes back in stock soon! 

 How genius is that detachable case in the middle? It's great for bangles and watches and the gold strip on the left is there to stash rings!

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  1. these are so cute! the perfect traveling compartments for all your jewelry!