Saturday, December 31, 2011

things i'm love-love-loving

Good morning lovelies! I hope y'all are having a great weekend. I just wanted to drop in and share some things that I'm absolutely crazy about. Each one really deserves a post of it's own but I've acquired so much stuff lately with the holidays and I'm just too excited about it all to wait and share them separately. So, here goes!

 First up is this Diane Von Furstenberg perfumed lotion. I got it without first smelling the perfume, which is something I've literally never done since I'm so picky about scents but I'm a huge DVF fan so I thought I'd give it a shot and I love it. It's everything a lotion should be (non-greasy and moisturizing) but the fragrance is what absolutely sells it of course. It's rich and elegant but not too mature, it's certainly destined to be a classic in my opinion. Frankly, I'm obsessed with it. I'm definitely going to drop in Sephora in the next couple days and pick up the eau de parfum with one of my holiday gift certificates. 

Alright next is this Face Stockholm polish. Y'all have probably heard me rave about this brand before, I'm a huge fan of the polish and more recently, the mascara (seriously, it's amazeballs). Anyways, this lacquer is #76. On their chart of shades, you just see a little thumbnail of the color and a star indicates a shimmer polish and this one didn't have a star next to it, so I wasn't expecting any shimmer but I actually really love it. It's super fine specks that just give it a really pretty iridescent quality, which you don't find very often in a polish this bright so I think it's just so unique and fun.

These are two things I've actually been meaning to post about for quite some time. I mentioned the brand on Have Your Cake but I've using both of these particular products more lately and would highly recommend each. It's the KeSari Pore Minimizing Clay Masque and the Indian Oil Hair Serum. What first got me interested in this brand was the Indian roots. I have a thing for Indian culture and loved the idea of experimenting with some of the revamped traditional beauty products. But, the Indian Clay Masque was the first product I tried and I was a little hesitant. I have pretty sensitive skin so I don't usually use anything my dermatologist hasn't put her stamp of approval on but I did try this one out and really liked it (and it didn't irritate my skin- hooray!). Lately, I've been applying it on Sunday and I just love the glowing look it gives me to start the week. Alright, and the Indian Oil Hair Serum is one of the most amazing things I've ever come across. First off, the packaging is gorgeous (can't say this for any of the other hair oils I've used) and it's easy to get in and out of, something I appreciate since it's an oil. But most importantly, it does a fantastic job of softening my hair and taming frizz. I use it when I curl and straighten my hair and it's fabulous for smoothing and it smells fantastic. Plus, it's such a huge bottle for the price! I love love love it, truly don't have a bad thing to say about it.

Also, after a few nights of begging (on my part obviously), we went and saw "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". I was sitting in the theater during the previews, seriously nervous as to how it would turn out. I just finished the series less than a week ago (I know, I'm so behind) so it was still really fresh for me and I didn't want the movie to ruin anything but I still couldn't resist staying away and seeing if they butchered it. And good news, they didn't at all! I've never seen a movie based off a book I've read that I was so pleased with. It is a bit long but I ate up every single minute. I felt like everything they cut was for the best for the movie adaptation and everything they left was done really really well. And the acting was impeccable, I've got a huge girl crush on Mara right now. So, go see it! 

And lastly are my heart bracelets. I hope I don't sound really self-promotional putting these on here but I just really do love them. I bought the beads on a total whim because I just loved the colors and shape so much and when I posted the bracelet I made for myself on Instagram, I realized y'all loved them too so I've started making them for the shop (sheesh, haven't heard that one before). I've been wearing the big red heart and the baby pink one together lately and think they're so fun to stack with one another.

What are y'all loving lately?


  1. That Indian brand looks interesting! I, too, love middle eastern culture and that's why I started using argon oil for my hair. I'll have to check it out. Best wishes to you in 2012! I'm so happy we "met" this year!

  2. Definitely loving your Etsy shop ;)

  3. Loving the face Stockholm pink also! and the great neon necklace I bought from you a while back! :)

  4. LOVE them both. Valentines is my fave you think you will be stocking more soon? I DEF want to buy both. Many thanks-btw loooooove the blog :) Courtenay