Sunday, January 1, 2012

currently obsessed with currently obsessed

Just when I thought I'd revolt and entirely disconnect if one more site cropped up that I 'just had to join', one was created that I'm wondering how I ever lived without! You might have heard of Currently Obsessed by now, since just about every blogger is talking about it but if not, it's a site where you can "stalk" your favorite bloggers and see what they're ogling at the moment. I've spent far too much time checking out other bloggers picks as well as adding items to my own wish Currently Obsessed list. Here's just a snipit:

Frankly, the site reminds of Pinterest, just without all the recipes I'll never try and with direct links to all the products so I don't have to go on some backtracking mission to get to their original location. 

If you like, click here to "stalk" me.

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