Wednesday, December 7, 2011

tried & true

I dropped in Sephora a few days ago and picked up some of my make-up bag essentials for my mini-vacation. Everything pictured I've purchased before at least once and have nothing but good things to say about.
Here's the rundown:
1) Philosophy Apricots & Cream Body Lotion ($32): I bought the 32 oz version of this lotion because I am all kinds of obsessed with this scent and since it's a limited edition, I live in fear it will be pulled from the shelves before I have time to adequately stockpile.
2) YSL Parisienne ($39): For some reason I got it in my head years ago that I needed a "signature" scent, one that I wore all the time and was simply "me." Well, this perfume knocked that idea right out of my head. While I still love my usual scent, this is such a nice way to mix things up and at a very reasonable price.
3) Benefit Erase Paste ($26): I originally tried this in a smaller size in one of Benefit's boxed sets and fell in love. This is a great, blending concealer.
4) Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($18): This is the best and least expensive eyelid primer I've come across. My only warning is to not order this product off the internet. I've tried twice and both times the formula has separated during transit and is useless. Never a problem purchasing in-store though.
5) Clinique Quickliner for Eyes - in Smokey Brown ($15): I'm picky about eyeliners. This one I've been using for years and will probably continue to forever because I've got no reason to try anything else. It doesn't tug, smudges great, and is super easy to apply.
6) YSL Radiant Touch ($40): Worth. Every. Penny. You'd never know I'm working off 3 hours of sleep with this on.
7) Clinique Blended Face Powder & Brush ($20): I love this powder. It sets my makeup, doesn't irritate my skin, and absorbs oil (ditch the wimpy brush that's included though, it's pretty lousy).

What beauty products do you buy over and over? I'd love to spice up my routine.

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