Thursday, February 2, 2012

opi nicki minaj collection

I'm beyond excited to be sharing swatches for OPI's Nicki Minaj collection today. I saw promotional ads for this months ago and have been eagerly waiting for their release ever since (and I know I'm not the only one)! So here goes:

Did It On 'Em is a yellow-toned green creme. It's not quite neon but obviously, very bright. Honestly I thought it would atrocious with my skin tone but I actually really like it!

Save Me was the polish I was most excited about from this collection and it certainly didn't disappoint. It's a clear-based blue and silver bar and round glitter polish. It was much easier to apply than I anticipated, the bar glitter didn't stick up or hang off my nails like it has when I've tried it with other brands. Love!

 Fly is a teal creme. I have quite a few other teals that are more dusty and dull so I was so excited OPI did this really vibrant shade.

I just had to see what Save Me looked like layered over Fly. It picked up on the blue bar glitter really nicely in my opinion. 

Metallic 4 Life is silver hexagonal and small square glitter in a black base. In the bottle, Metallic 4 Life doesn't look like much (at least in my opinion), but I was so pleasantly surprised after applying it. It's sheer at first but after 2 applications turns totally gorgeous and is absolutely packed with glitter.

 Pink Friday is a pink I've been searching for for years- literally. It's a bubblegum creme pink that applied really nicely (unlike the polishes I've found similar in color that can be really streaky and too sheer). I can't wait to pair this with a gold sparkle!

Superbass Shatter is a glittery magenta shatter polish and the first I've ever tried actually. I'm not entirely sold on the look of shatter polish but it was very easy to apply and use. It dried matte so if you want a glossy look, you'd definitely need some a top coat.


  1. Okay..these colors are SO fun! Love Pink Friday.

    xo lamb loves

  2. I NEED that Pink Friday color! I, too, have been looking for the bubble gum pink that doesn't 1. wash me out, 2. get too dirty, 3. look too sheer. Only Nicki Minaj could pull it off!

  3. I'm obsessed with this collection!! I posted about it last week and just took it off my nails & already want it back on! lol

    xo Jackie

  4. I got the pink friday color for valentines and I wasn't too thrilled but now seeing it on you I'm excited to try it.
    I'm so jealous you are able to buy all in the collection..
    for real.