Friday, September 28, 2012

opi so so skullicious halloween minis

Happy Friday lovelies! If any of you get as excited about Halloween as I do, this mini set from OPI will be right up your alley. Here goes:

A-Rose From the Dead is a very pretty bright and rosy pink.

 Candlelight is a somewhat sheer bright yellow. I was hesitant about this one with my skin tone, but maybe it's growing on me. What do y'all think? Fair warning though, the application is a little tricky, I needed to have added 1 more coat to cover up all the bald spots effectively.

Mourning Glory is a super-shiny black. Love this one!

Hi, Pumpkin! is a medium orange creme. It photographed a teensy bit brighter than it really is. But this one is probably my favorite from the set, I shy away from orange but this one is definitely a hit in my book. Glad I finally gave saturated orange a chance!

And saving perhaps the best part for last- here are the decals included with the set. They were such a lovely surprise- I've actually never purchased any decals (they've always looked tacky to me), but I think these unique, colorful skulls and flowers are all kinds of adorable.

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  1. i love the pink (obviously) and the black (surprisingly) on you! and the decals are pretty sweet. this is such a good halloween gift, since we adults can't trick or treat anymore:))