Friday, December 2, 2011

face stockholm mascaras

As I've mentioned before, mascara is the one make-up product you'll never catch me without. In my opinion, it absolutely works wonders at making you look awake and put together (and I've convinced myself that huge lashes will detract from any dark circles!). I'm constantly trying out new ones that aren't blog-worthy but this trio from Face Stockholm is the end-all to my seemingly never-ending mascara search! Each product is sold separately but these work so wonderfully together they need to package them.
First I apply the Miracle Thickening Treatment, which is white. While it claims to thicken lashes (and it certainly does), it gives mine some serious length that I couldn't get with regular mascara. I'm not sure if it's the wand, the product, or the combination of both but this stuff is magic and totally worth the extra step.

Then comes the Lifting and Lengthening Mascara. This is the funniest looking little brush I've ever seen on a mascara. It's tiny, with super short bristles but makes my lashes even longer, and of course covers up the white Miracle Thickening Treatment. Now at this point in my routine, my lashes are looking like I just got perfectly placed lash extensions but that isn't quite enough for me. I need lots and lots of volume!

That's where the Luxurious Supercharged Mascara comes in. This stuff is awesome on it's own and even better layered on after the other two. It's huge, chunky applicator makes my lashes look like they're naturally super thick and no clumps. Ever! 

Do you think it's totally ridiculous I'm using 3 mascaras every morning? I'd agree with you.. but I just look so damn good.

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