Thursday, December 15, 2011

last minute gifts: sara happ set

Day two of my last minute gift guide and I've got a good one to share for those last couple of friends left on your list! Today I'm chatting about this Sara Happ gift set:
True to form, the packaging is absolutely adorable. All of Sara Happ's products come ready for gift giving and this set in particular makes the perfect holiday happy for any girl on your list- especially someone new to the Sara Happ line.

It contains two products: The Lip Slip and The Lip Scrub in Black Velvet Cherry. I've been using the Lip Slip for close to six months now (you can read my full review here where my obsession first began) and I stand by what I said in my original review, it's the most luxurious balm ever. The scent, texture, and the shine are all quite simply perfection. The closest product I know to compare it to is Bobbi Brown's lip balm, which I used to swear by, but haven't re-purchased since I was introduced to the Lip Slip (I'm that crazy about it).

The second product in the set is new to me, the Black Velvet Cherry Lip Scrub. I've used the Sara Happ Sparkling Pink Grapefruit and Brown Sugar Lip Scrubs (an understatement by the way, I use one or the other religiously, at least once a week) but this flavor I hadn't seen before. It's definitely unique. The Sara Happ site calls it as "a little dark, a little vamp" which is really precisely what it is, but however you'd describe it, I'm digging it! I think everyone needs a lip exfoliator in their routine, especially this time of year when lips tend to get chapped, and this one-of-a-kind flavor is a great one to have, plus it's super moisturizing.

Whether you're thinking of this set as a stand-alone gift or a fun stocking stuffer, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be thrilled to receive it. Sara Happ also makes lip scrubs in Cocoa, Peppermint, and Creme Brulee that would make perfect holiday presents!


  1. Ok, totally need this. My lips have been so dry lately, even with balm.

  2. i LOVE the sara happ lip scrubs!! i have it in cinnamon and it is so good! ive been meaning to buy a new one actually lol this would be the perfect stocking stuffer for me :)