Sunday, January 8, 2012

emi-jay glitter & animal print hair ties review

One of my favorite brands ever, Emi-Jay, recently came out with collections of two things I just can't say no to: glitter and animal print. Before these came out, the latest addition to my ever-growing collection of their hair ties was the Cure Bon Bon (review here) and I thought then, surely, after they released neon and pink polka dot printed hair ties, I would be set for life. Insert these four sets:
So of course, I decided I didn't have enough Emi-Jay in my life and immediately set out to get my hands on them. I certainly don't regret it, they're all fabulous!

The first of the glitters I opened was the Silver Collection. It includes 5 hair ties: white with silver glitter, a metallic light gray, black with silver glitter (super gorgeous, looks like a sparkly graphite), gunmetal metallic, and a solid black. Out of all the Emi-Jays I own, I realized I didn't have a black when I saw this set included one and I'm so glad I now have a few, the photos don't do a great job of showing it, but their black has a satin finish and looks great holding up my hair or worn on my wrist.

Here's what a set looks like when you receive them- they're wrapped around a card and tucked inside a clear bag with a cute Emi-Jay sticker. 

This is the Gold Glitter Collection, it contains two white with gold glitter, two black with gold glitter, and one solid black hair ties. I did a fishtail braid yesterday to work out in and tied the end with the black/gold glitter and it was the perfect way to jazz up an otherwise boring gym look.

This one, the Jaguar Collection, is probably my favorite of them all. The colors are black satin, leopard, metallic taupe (super pretty- reminds me of the hair ties in my Pearl Collection), jaguar, and chocolate. The jaguar print is so cute (and totally not used enough).

And lastly is the Zebra Collection which contains a black satin, white zebra print, red, gold zebra, and metallic taupe. 

Each 5-pack collection is $12.99 on their website and you can also get a 3-pack of a single print (I know this because I immediately tried to get my hands on some more jaguar printed :).

As always, Emi-Jay donates a portion of their proceeds to charity, supporting organizations from Locks of Love to Partners in Health/Haiti. If you haven't heard me jabber on about how I use their hair ties before, I wear one on my wrist almost every day for my evening work-out and love that they don't crease my hair at all (meaning no re-styling before dinner!).


  1. Ooh I love these ties too! The gold collection is calling my name! Thanks for sharing, signing on to get them now!

  2. I adore Emi-Jay! So glad to know about these new animal prints.

  3. I LOVE those hair ties. My friend at school is a camp counselor in North Carolina over the summer and the hair ties were the rage throughout the south. She brought them back for us when we started school, they are perfect for hair and a great addition to a bracelet collection on your wrist! I just happened upon your blog today and I think it's great, so happy I found it. I hope you are having a wonderful week!!
    Twirling Clare